Thyme Herbal

2020 Moon Calendar


The Moon Calendar is designed to help folks keep track of and live in harmony with the cycles of the moon. Lunar patterns can influence our body, mind, and spirit and living in accordance with these tides can help to support our growth, creativity, inspiration, and productivity. The Moon Calendar is an excellent way to connect with natural cycles and get to know the phases of the moon. It is also an excellent place to keep track of one’s menstrual cycle, mental emotional and other of life’s patterns.

The 2020 Moon Calendar, titled Earth Medicine and the Moon, takes us through a seasonal journey, highlighting one plant for each season of the solar year.  Medicinal offerings, remedies, and applications in the home pharmacy and kitchen are shared for each plant, creating a bridge between our experience with self-care here on earth and the emotional pulls of the lunar cycle.  This year’s theme is designed to connect the phases of the moon, the celestial forces that pull us, with that which surrounds and grounds us in our daily life – thinning the membrane between our inner and outer, felt and sensed worlds.

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