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Yoni Eggs


Our Yoni Eggs are (45 x 30mm) and Drilled

Yoni is Sanskrit for womb and is beneficial in many ways.

1. PHYSICALLY The weight and size of the yoni egg helps strengthen the vaginal walls aiding those that may suffer from incontinence, have given birth or for those that simply want more controlled and strengthened vaginal walls. All can be achieved through Kegel movements with the yoni egg.

2. METAPHYSICALLY The yoni eggs are made of various stones (as pictured) which possess energetic healing and fortifying qualities. When used with intention the use of yoni eggs can help with healing trauma, unwanted attachment, neglect and negativity associated with sexuality and reproduction.

3. To use, simply create a time and space to insert the yoni egg with your intention.  Do your kegel exercises or go about your day. Similar to a tampon it is safe and normal to wear for many hours.

4. Our yoni eggs are drilled so a string can be placed within them to be easily removed. (Similar to a tampon). Yoni eggs have varying sizes. The large/medium are for "beginners" and decrease in size with experience. We sell only large/medium.

5. Yoni eggs are not for everyone but if you have interest in connecting more deeply with your womb, are seeking healing and fortification in your sexual life and your value system connects with the use of crystals and stones as energetic conduits then yoni eggs just may be for you!

Yoni Eggs can we washed with warm water + soap.


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