Brown Bohemians


Brown Bō’hēmians is a photo book that captures the essence and stories of an otherwise underrepresented demographic.
Pushing past the stereotypical ideals of clothing, or a particular form of artistry. This book is about bringing a vital, and virtual movement on social media into a tangible format.

It is inspired by our own individual lifestyles and showcases collectively what we have experienced as creative people of color.
Originators of all things, yet given the least amount of credit, this book reclaims a very, very small piece of a space that has always been rightfully ours.

Each of our stories unique, yet contribute to the rebuilding of communities after colonialism, narrowed media representation,
non-inclusive beauty standards, and a lack of recognition for our contributions. Influenced by our deeply held belief that images and stories sculpt our collective narrative, we literally took matters into our own hands.

We not only curated this book, we actually placed

Unlike some traditional forms of publishing where you send it off, and it comes back in “their” vision. We had full creative control to curate and conceptualize the book we wanted to see.

So, to the underrepresented, to the undervalued, to the creative spirit that needs to see – is for you.

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