Ageno's Sweet Things

Chalks of Kikongo (second edition)

$77.00 USD

Luxury Deck for The Culture. 

About the Deck: The Chalks of Kikongo deck has evolved since its initial emergence in April 2021. The cards converse differently now. The speak more fluently, maturely, and with more conviction. 

The deck was created using ancient graphic symbols/signs/writings of the Bakongo peoples. For more information on the Bakongo cosmologies, reference the works cited and works recommended pages. 

How To Use The Deck:

Pull a card daily to give insight on the day's energy or pull cards for insight on a specific situation or person. The choice is yours. There is no wrong or right way to use the cards. 

Each deck comes with a guide book, and spiritual bath cleanings recipe. 

About The Maker: Created  + Designed by Sharifa the owner of Agenos. She is an initiated priestess, a spiritualist, Hoodoo, and a diviner. She is no stranger to the mystics, magic, and miracles of Spirit. Her works include facilitating communal healing spaces, for Black, Brown and Indigenous folk, tending to her land as reverence, and crafting conjure for the people. 

She enjoys homesteading with her family, writing poetry, and a good Spades hand. 

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