Honor and Co. Consignment

Honor and Co Candles

$18 $25

9 oz

55 - 60 Burning Hours

Coconut wax

Life can be hard. Oh so difficult at times. Some days worse than others. We fight off challenging feelings, trying to push them away or ignore them, but they just come creeping back in, reminding us that they’re there.

To feel better we have to truly let ourselves feel. To be our best, sometimes we have to let ourselves be at our worst. We embrace the dark to find the light. We honor the unwanted feelings that are so hard to have.

The candles, with their signature aromatherapy scents, are one part of the healing
process. The other part is the personalized rituals we develop for honoring our feelings.

Light. Honor. Release.

Created by psychotherapist Peter Zook in collaboration with Philadelphia Scent Studio.

Creator, Peter Zook, Chief Feeling Illuminator

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