Honor and Co. Consignment

Honor and Co Candles


3.5 OZ jars.

20 Hours Burning Time.

Created by a psychotherapist whose clients frequently ask “well, what do I do with this feeling?” As if we have do anything other than have it.

Combining his love of candles, aromatherapy and passion for helping others heal, he developed Honor & Co.

There’s no such thing as good or bad feelings, but there are certainly ones that are harder to have, which he likes to refer to as unwanted feelings.

He wanted to offer a way for people to create personalized and intentional rituals for having and honoring those feelings. Each of the candles have at least two specific scents correlated with alleviating their respective feelings.

However, it’s the process of having and honoring the feeling that truly allows the healing to happen.

Creator, Peter Zook, Chief Feeling Illuminator

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