Zen In a Jar

Zen In A Jar Shea Butter 16oz

$35.00 USD

This will be the best whipped shea butter you will ever dip your fingers into! The maker Nikki of Zen In Jar has an intuitive sense of how sensuality and aroma mix to create a total body experience.

Applying Zen In a Jar daily serves as both an amazing moisturizer and perfume! Don't be surprised when folks begin to move closer and ask, "what is that amazing smell?!"

The honeys and shea butter  can be used on hair + body in a bath or directly on the skin. They also make the most delicious aromatic beard moisturizers. 

Scent Profile:

Pink Cashmere - Jasmine + Coconut + Vanilla (balance of sweet + spice)

Love - Peach Nectar + Rose (sweet + fruit)

Sable - Palo Santo + Citrus (spice + citrus)

Made by a Black woman. Sourced from a Black Owned Business.

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