Jebel Collective

Seabird Hoop Earrings


Element ∴ Water

Symbols ∴ Bird ~ Spirit Connection, Toad ~ Adaptability, Evil Eye ~ Protection 

 The hand-etching on these earrings depict two animals in North African Amazigh symbology – the Bird and the Toad, as well as one of many depictions of the Evil Eye. All are powerful symbols used to protect against negative energy.  

The Bird is a symbol of the sky-earth relationship. It represents the lightness, discerning  intelligence, and even the breath of the soul that descends to earth to inhabit matter and life.

The Toad is a power symbol often used in ritual and rite. It has an association with a woman’s womb, as it can naturally adapt from the aquatic to the terrestrial world, just as the woman’s womb provides a nurturing environment for a child until it transitions to earth during birth. 

These earrings combine the Bird, Toad, and Evil Eye symbols to offer good luck and protection.

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