Seen: A Journal of Film + Visual Culture


Seen: A Journal of Film & Visual Culture

"One element of the film world that is rarely addressed in conversations about race and representation is the lack of published critical writing on film by BIPOC folks. As part of our strategy to expand the engagement of Black and other people of color at every level of the field, in 2017 we published our first catalog separate from the festival program guide, which featured essays, film reviews and interviews by artists, scholars, curators, and critics expanding upon the films and themes of the festival. Past contributors to the BlackStar catalog include Haile Gerima, Louis Massiah, Adepero Oduye, Rhea Combs, Greg Tate, Dena Takruri, John L. Jackson, Jr., Terence Nance, Niela Orr, and more.

To provide this opportunity for critical writing, BlackStar is now producing a semi-annual journal, titled Seen. The number of culturally competent journalists and cultural critics has rapidly declined over the last few years, raising concerns for many about the space for public discourse and challenges to dominant cultural narratives in popular media, particularly in an era of revisionist history about America’s “greatness.” Amongst the culture writing that is regularly shared, very little is written by people of color or with the analysis of a racial justice lens. A regularly published journal extends the critical discourse of BlackStar beyond the festival and into a wider audience that includes makers, academics, funders, critics, and other stakeholders in the field."


- Blackstar


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