Jebel Collective

Silver Sleeve Rings


Measures 2 cm wide x 4.6 cm tall / 0.8 inches wide x 1.6 inches tall.

Symbol ∴ Bird ~ Spirit Connection Size 8

Element ∴ Water

 This ring features a hand-etched Bird. In North African Amazigh symbology, the Bird represents the sky-earth relationship. Wear this ring to cultivate the qualities of the Bird including lightness of being, discerning intelligence, and deeper connection to the breath of the soul that descends to earth to inhabit matter and life.

The Bird in this design is inspired by the Seagulls that circle the port city of Essaouira where Jebel Collective jewelry is hand-made. The combination of water and air in this ring supports emotional intelligence, and reminds us to view life from a higher perspective.

Symbol ∴ Mountains & Flowers ~ Abundance & Fertility Size 7.5

Element ∴ Earth 

The hand-etching on this ring is reminiscent of the Moroccan Rif and Atlas Mountain ranges, the homes of indigenous Amazigh people, as well as flowers symbolizing life, abundance, and fertility.

 This ring is grounding and supportive. Celebrate your deep connection to ancestral roots, while nurturing new ideas and life that carry on these traditions.


Symbol ∴ Flower ~ Inspiration Size 7

Element ∴ Fire 

The hand-etching on this ring features a radiant flower whose petals stretch towards the four corners of the earth. The petals are inspired by the Desert Lily Flower which flourishes under harsh desert climates.

In North African art, the flower is a symbol of inspiration from Mother Nature & her diverse creativity. Flowers are also associated with feminine energy and symbolize fertility and abundance. This ring supports connection to nature and cultivating prosperity in difficult times.

Symbol ∴ Evil Eye ~ Protection Size 8

Element ∴ Air/Ether

This ring features a hand-etched symbol for the Evil Eye, which is widely used for protection.

Wear to ward off negativity and protect the spirit, symbolized by the star in the center. Rays of light surround the central design, carrying healing light. This ring is a powerful talisman for protection.




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