Point Blank Limited

Vintage Ebony Magazines

$35 $45

February 1979 Front Cover: "Gary Coleman: Little Guy with a Big Career in TV" Back Cover Salem Lights 142 pages

January 1974 Front Cover: "The High Price of Being Wilt Chamberlin" Back Cover: Virgina Slims 122 pages (minor damages, priced accordingly)

June 1980 Front Cover: Gary Coleman: "A Self Made Millionaire at 12" Back Cover: Benson and Hedges Menthol 162 pages

February 1977 Front Cover: "Mrs. Dick Gregory: The Beautiful Black Woman " Back Cover: Winston 142 pages (minor damages, priced accordingly) 

April 1975 Front Cover: "Campus Queens from Blavk Colleges" Back Cover: Winstons 150 pages 

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