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Vintage Jet Magazines



November 1985 "Kim Fields: Facts of Life Star Celebrates Seventh Year on NBC's Longest Running Show" Jet Beauty: Tracy Hudson 66pages

 July 1984 Special Issue: "Tom Bradley Los Angeles Mayor Welcomes Athletes to USA Olympics: Jet Beauty: Betty Robinson 98 pages

July 1985 "Kim Fields: How She Copes With Life in Hollywood" Jet Beauty: Deborrah Fairweather 66pages

September 1986 "Diahann Carroll and Joan Collins Renew Their Fued in Dynasty Roles" Jet Beauty: Felicia Harris 66pages

September 1986 "Apollania Talks About Life After Falcon Crest" Jet Beauty: Sabrina Mogensen 66pages

January 1987 "Natalie Cole, George Benson: Hosts of TVs American Black Achievement Awards" Jet Beauty: Sandra Dee 66pages 

July 1985 "Ashford and Simpson Say Marriage and Career are Solid As a Rock" Jet Beauty: Pat Johnson 66pages

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