Black Mermaids

Writing Classes With Julia Mallory of Black Mermaids

Join classes led by published author and activist Julia Mallory of Black Mermaids
Class discussions + writing topics as follows:
1. The Naming of Dreams July 5, 12pm-2pm
Brief Description: Using poetic verse, how might we write ourselves into the future?
This title is an homage to the late poet June Jordan who said: "Poetry is the most personal language of experience. It is how we name what happens to us. It is how we name ourselves. It is how we name our dreams so that others will join in our naming. It is how we name what terrified, and how we exorcise that terror. It is attitude and response. It is consistently individual." 

Given the current apocalyptic nature of our world - if "apocalypse" means to uncover or reveal, how might this time be used to reveal our dreams?

How might we use this time to dream together through words?

I offer instruction on three poetic forms: sonku, haiku, and haiju for participants to name their dreams through verse. 

2. Can We Talk About Grief? July 12, 12pm - 2pm
Brief Description: Exploration of the transformative power of grief.

Through guided writing and discussion, participants will explore the 
transformative power of grief and the ways it shows up in our lives.

If grief is a fact of life, how might we work with our grief to heal ourselves?

Grief is disruptive. Grief is transformative. Grief is a reminder. Grief morphs and it stays the same. 
Grief creates light and it creates darkness. It does what it wants, when it wants. Grief is what was 
supposed to happen that never happened or didn’t last and still, we go on.

While the ability to experience grief is universal, this workshop will especially 
hold space for death-related loss. 

3. Whose Imagination Created You? July 19, 12pm - 2pm
Brief Description: Exploration of the origin of our limiting beliefs.

I ask participants to focus on three to four key timeframes in their lives. We explore the messages they received during that time and how it currently impacts them. 

4. Capes Into Pillows July 26th 12pm - 2pm
Brief Description: Exploration of our complicated relationship to the grind and self-care.

In Capes Into Pillows, discussion is centered on what it means to intentionally rest and not just fall out of the sky. We discuss topics such as "rest as reparations", the sleep gap, hustle/grind culture--including exploring the origin of self-care as used in today's culture. 
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