Meet the Maker: Shahnaz Hughson of Boho Gal

The Sable Collective is all about celebrating our makers since they're the main core of our brand and values. The "Meet the Makers" series is about telling the stories of the people behind some of your favorite Sable brands. With the holiday season right around the corner, we wanted to know how our makers is handling the chaos of the holiday season and which of their products would make as great gifts. Boho Gal is a POC and Women owned business based in Philadelphia that have plenty of amazing jewelry pieces we adore including the "Leela Hoops" and "Haimi Hoops" which are now available at The Sable Collective. We had a chance to speak with Shahnaz Hughson, owner of Boho Gal to learn a little more about the person behind the brand.

Shahnaz Hughson, Owner of Boho Gal

As a small business owner, how do you prepare for the holiday season? How do you manage all the chaos that comes with the holidays personally and professionally?

Planning. Being in business for a while now, I have learnt early planning and strategizing is the key. It helps to manage and control the chaos, instead of the chaos controlling you.

Leela Hoops via The Sable Collective


Do you have any favorite moments from the past holiday seasons that may be personal or professional (related to Boho Gal)? 

 My favorite moment was actually last year. It was our very first year selling retail (directly to the consumer) and running campaigns for the holiday. I remember being so excited at the orders coming in. It was everything I remembered I had manifested for my company. Flash forward to today, and we have already reached our sales goals for the year. It's a beautiful thing.

Alaine Moonstone Ring

Which products from Boho Gal would make for perfect gifts for this holiday season? 

 The Divine Chakra Necklace is a thoughtful and wonderful gift , it represents realignment and balance. Which we all need. The Alaine moonstone ring is another gift that keeps on giving. Moonstone promotes clarity of the mind and inner vision, its Calming and Encouraging. Our Azha Cowrie cuff is another beautiful gift item. The cowrie shell represents the highly powerful Goddess protection as well as being connected to the strength and dense power of the ocean. These are just a few to mention, we have so many styles to choose from. Our intention for you is to make adorning yourself with our jewels a ritual act of self care and self empowerment you can practice daily. 




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I love her stuff (Boho Gal) and never make it to her store when I’m in Atlanta so I went ahead and did a huge order on Black Friday directly from her shop! I love everything and I’m So happy to see you working with her!! Love supporting each other and thank you for the article.

Marlene (Lady FX) June 20, 2023

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