The 1998 Deck

1998 Classic Hip Hop Card Decks

$15.00 USD

*Sourced from a Black woman owned business and artist*

Spades just got more interesting. Play with these amazing playing cards portraying some of Hip Hops most beloved and iconic stars as the suits.

A word from the brilliant creator and artist of the decks Khia.

"All of my designs pay homage to what many term ‘The Golden Era’ of hip hop. Hopefully you catch some of the hidden concepts in the artwork. For example: Did you catch the references to the artists themselves? The nods to iconic movies like ‘Coming to America’ or ‘Juice’? The iconography of Nigerian Gods, Voodoo Culture or 20s gangsters? If not, feel free to take another look. My hope is that I left enough there for you to discover something new every time you play" 

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