Afro Pop Socks

Afro Pop Socks

$14.00 USD

Black Geom: Inspired by abstract geometric shapes and bold African colours, our new sock design features the distinctive patterns and geometric style of tribe life. Full colour red, green, yellow, purple and black for a real pop of style to your accessory collection.

Purple Roots: Reclaim your African roots with these fun, vibrant African inspired socks. This red and purple colour combination works well with both formal and casual outfits and will bring that pop of colour that will take your outfit to the next level.

Green Triangles: A simple style with a classic black and white pattern and hints of green. These socks go with literally any colour as well as formal and casual outfits.

White Ziggy: Brand New to the collection!

Medium (shoe size): UK 5-8 USA (M) 5-8 USA (F) 6.5-9 EUR 37-40  

Large:  (shoe size) UK 8-11 USA (M) 8.5-12 USA (F) 9.5-13 EUR 41-45


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