The Sable Collective

HomeGirls TSC x Doriana Diaz

$38.00 USD

A new art collaboration with local artist Doriana Diaz in celebration of our homegirls. 

Unisex. 100% Cotton

"This project is a representation of co-conspiratorship through visual storytelling. These collages, glimpses of someone you might remember represent the vastness found in kinship that allows us homegirls to indulge gently and gracefully into revolutions of care. Through placement and piecing these facets of womanhood together, there are memories being made, lives being lived, and love being felt. We are a representation of ourselves, of one another, of experience. Homegirls is a remembrance story of where we met and how we got soft again. Homegirls is a pledge to where our curves meet our hard-to-reach places, and how we reach anyway. Homegirls is an incantation of all that is holy and all that is messy in sweet alchemy. We were always here. We were always here. We were always here." - Doriana Diaz

Doriana Diaz is a storyteller, shapeshifter, and sensitive spirit rooted in Philadelphia's soulful rhythms. She is a multidimensional artist, specific to the medium of collage. Her work, 'Declaration of Joy in Motion: Friday Night Voodoo was the 2021 recipient of the open call art to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Rachel Cargle's Loveland Foundation. This celebration was in partnership with The Akron Museum of Art. Her work is an exploration of cultural agency, archival documentation, and rhythms of resistance and expansion.

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